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Tygra MiniCo Statue Review

Tygra is a Thunderian, architect, scientist, and noble member of the ThunderCats. He is able to turn himself invisible to the naked eye. He also possesses mind power, which enables him to creates illusions that can deceive his opponents; using this power however drains him. (Source: Thundercats wiki)

Tygra MiniCo Statue

Click the image below to see it in 3D space.

The Good

MiniCo statues are unique because of their stylized look; cool poses and oversized heads. They're cheaper in price too so they make a great starter statue for newbie collectors. They are also small in size which allows you to get more of them because space isn't as big an issue.

The Bad

MiniCo statues are prone to be more common in many collections because they are cheaper and smaller. They're just a few steps above POP figures. Also, they're prone to more flaws like uneven or sloppy painting, chipping, etc.

Wanna Start Your Statue Collection?

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  • Manufacturer

  • Brand

  • Edition

  • Statue Size

  • Materials

    Plastic (PVC)
  • Dimensions

    5.5 in (H) x 3.9 in (W) x 3.9 in (L)

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