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Civilization VI Video Game Review for Busy Dads

Control a Civilization, from the beginnings of Life, all the way towards the Modern Age.

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The Good

Civilization VI is the latest in the series with its share of DLC for its fan base. This series has been setting the standard for simulation games in style of play, graphics, and fun. Although the campaigns can last for hours or days, you can always save your game and come back to it later. This makes it perfect for quick games for busy dads. If this is a genre of video game that you like then its perfect for you.

The Bad

Even though this is one of the greatest simulation games ever created it comes with a seriously high learning curve. There are so many aspects of the game that you can control. And each control has its own learing curve to tackle. This is only "bad" thing when you are first learning the game. 

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Game Art


  • Release Date

    21 October 2016
  • Developer

    Fireaxis Games
  • Publisher

    Epic Games

System Requirements

  • Platform

    OS: Windows 10

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