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Marvel's Avengers Video Game Review for Busy Dads

Take control of Marvel Avengers Team and customize them to battle AIM and Modok in this action-adventure video game.

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The Good

Marvel's Avengers video game a few good things that I found aout it. The graphics are pretty nice, both during the game play and the cut scenes. The controls are  pretty easy to pickup. And the gameplay is pretty standard for this type of game. It follows the usual recipe; show a cut scene, travel to a new area and then beat up the bad guys to advance in the game. I believe that watching the story unfold is the best part of this game.

The Bad

There aren't any side missions to help break up the monotony or routine. There are items to find thoughout the pretty linear levels that you can find. But I've found that the items and weapon upgrades don't change your gameplay much.

The Busy Dad Score

 Because this game is easy to pickup and play but no lasting appeal, I'm giving it a Busy Dad Score of 2 stars out of 3.

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  • Release Date

    04 September 2020
  • Developer

    Crystal Dynamics, Crystal Northwest, Eidos-Montréal
  • Publisher

    Square Enix

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