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Latest PS5 News

tbdn gamer
June 03, 2020

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The Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) Is coming this holiday 2020! Check here for the latest news on the launch of the new system. No rumors. Only official news here.

So right now we don't know that much about the new Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) yet but we'll definitely share what we do. You should definitely visit their official webpage at

What We Know 

  • Release Date: 2020 holiday. This usually means that it will probably be released after October 2020.
  • Price: They haven't officially announced the price for the system or its peripherals just yet. BUT there will be two versions of the system, one with a 4k Bluray player and one without it. That one is called the digital edition. So we can assume that you'll have to download your games from their platstor only. But that does mean that this version of the system will be cheaper than the other. I'm expecting the disc version to be around $500 - $600 with one controller included.
  • Games: The trailer for video game that they shared didn't really impress me but I am excited for Miles Morales version of  Spider-Man releasing hilday season 2020 as well. Click the image to watch  the launch trailer for the new game!

    While I am planning to purchase the PS5, I'm primarily a PC gamer. So the majority of the AAA games that will be available for PC as well I'll be getting those. I'm expecting to get the console exclusive games for the PS5 only unless the release date for PC is months after the relase date for the console version.

Watch the Hardware Trailer 

Coming Soon

Make sure you bookmark this page for the latest updates on the launch of the Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) System coming this holiday season!

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